Very little time for yourself and a huge desire to unplug, have fun and relax?

EXplore & EXercise is the new training technique specifically designed for professionals coming to London on business.

Our certified personal trainers take care of your wellbeing during your stay in London and they do it in a very unique way. We know how disruptive business travel can be to your sleep, exercise and eating routines. We also now how frustrating it can be to be in a city and not have time to explore it. We have therefore merged exercise and exploring, to allow you to enjoy London through culture, music and nature and exercise at the same time.

From Canary Wharf, to the City, to Belgravia, to Marylebone to Chelsea, we organize 1 to 2 hours bespoke personal training sessions that allow you to make the most of the little free time you have and make you release stress, exercise and connect with the soul of this beautiful city.

Bespoke urban adventures designed around your wellbeing from only £80 per session.